client stories

"Ortho-Bionomy is deceptively gentle... yet profound and very effective in releasing areas of tension, as well as all sorts of related areas / parts/ patterns, which I hadn't realize were connected. ... Stephanie has ... different approaches to use during session, while also being sensitive and responsive. If/when I ask for specific "alterations" ~ perhaps changing the angle of my limb, or the amount of compression, or the time/focus spent on a given area. ... At times, my deeper emotions surface during these sessions. The combination of Stephanie's presence, the gentle bodywork, and it's profound effect = beautiful freeing stuff!"

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- M.E. (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner)

"Neuro-Muscular-Reprogramming is really helping me with my recovery from two total knee-replacement surgeries. I have had issiues with my knees since childhood, so my body has a lot of imbalances from the stronger side doing more work than my weaker side. I have long-ingrained patterns, and some muscles on my weaker side just gave up. My first session was soon after surgery, and I was amazed at how much more balanced I felt! My Dr. said I have made one of the fastest recoveries he has seen in a very long time! I owe much of that to Stephanie, and her healing hands, along with her intuitive and highly honed problem -solving skills."

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- Michele S.

"Stephanie is a master of many different modalities, and she is intuitive enough to seamlessly mix them up as needed, and find trigger points that you never knew existed. Her healing hands have worked wonders on my spasming shoulder blades and lower back, and she has also significantly helped subdue the arthritis in my hands. Stephanie is truly gifted."

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- Ben J.

"I was diagnosed with a painful bursitis and shoulder impingement and treated with a steroid injection. To my disbelief and amazement, I experienced positive results after two sessions. For the first time in six months, I can do my exercise and dance classes and daily activities with no shoulder pain."

- D.W.