Follow the waves

A time for the body to gather resources

When you take good care of yourself, you're taking care of the entire eco-system of relationships you're a part of — family, friends, work, community. As you cultivate a compassionate connection to yourself and care for your well-being, so too does the world become more cared for.

A person in tune with their internal rhythms is at one with themselves and their world, free of inner dissonance. They feel deeply nurtured, not by any external source, but by their Self.
- adapted from Hugh Milne's Heart of Listening

My heartfelt intention is to set aside space for you, free of appeals for your attention or energy, a time that is all your own.

The work reflects and meets with the slower, restorative rhythms of the nervous system, to support the body's inherent vitality.

Sessions are inspired and informed by Ortho-Bionomy, positional release, Neuromuscular Reprogramming, Craniosacral, and Trigger Point therapy.
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"Stephanie is intuitive enough to find trigger points that you never knew existed. Her healing hands have worked wonders on my spasming shoulder blades and lower back, and she has also significantly helped subdue the arthritis in my hands." - Ben J., client more client stories...

integrative bodywork & manual therapy

stephanie shindler, cmt

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